Explanation of Servcies

Please Read for Staffed Events

 Explanation of Services 

Our Staff will operate in a space of 10 x 15 to 15 x 15 and will Arrive 1.5 to 2 hours prior to food service time 

Pop-up Tent covered buffet, draped tables, disposable plates, utensils, napkins & condiments are included in the price per person. 

Please note: Tents may not be available if windy conditions create a hazard.

Catering charges are based on menu price per person, plus labor, travel and NJ state sales tax on all food and beverages, see costs for Additional set-up 

10% Discounts (on Food) are available for All Non-Profit Groups & Organizations (with completed Tax Exempt form) 

Children Under 9 are 1/2 Price and Under 4 are Free The labor charges will be determined by the menu and guest count. 

Packages Include 1.5 to 2 hour arrival prior to food service time, 

2 hour BBQ Food Service and 1 hour breakdown of food & cooking areas. Additional Food Service time can be contracted for an additional fee per 30 minutes

Set-up or Breakdown of any items other than Buffet will incur additional charges.

 (All staff is 1 each per 50 people (Grill Chef & Staff Person) to handle Food Only) 

Grill Chefs $250 ~Staff Person $195 

Labor Charges & Tax will be added to menu cost Labor 

Charges above are for Grill/Food Purposes and Buffet Only and does not include clean-up of seating tables, beverage service or any additional set-up or Breakdown. 

Additional labor can be added based on 1 Staff Member for every 50 guests (disposable plates) for serving period listed above. (All Staff arrives and Departs together due to insurance reasons).

 • Set-up of Any items other than Buffet incurs a Set-up Fee; 20% of catering (to cover insurance) plus additional Staffing Time/Charges beginning at 1hr. Per staff person charge. Set-up must be determined and listed on contract prior to day of event, Staffing will not Set-up any items other than Buffet Day of Function unless previously contracted. 

• Under 50 Guests is a 20% of catering fee to offset some overhead plus $150.00 to Offset some of the Rental Grill/Cooking Equipment • ALL Packages have a Minimum of 25 Guests 

• Please note, the labor charge is not a gratuity. Gratuities are Encouraged but Optional and may be offered directly to the staff on the day of your event. 

Travel Fee is added to Offset the cost of Fuel & Event Vehicles 

BBQ 434 Bbq catering services

BBQ 434 Bbq catering services